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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Author: Martin Gleeson,

pwebstats will analyse a web server log in Common Log Format, or proxy server log, producing a variety of statistics. The output is a series of HTML pages and graphs. Features include:

  • growth in requests over time (line)
  • distribution of hosts accessing the server (pie chart)
  • distribution of accesses per hour through the day (bar)
Gross Statistics
  • aggregate accesses, per day/hour/minute, per host (with local percentage), bytes transferred (aggregate and per host) changes since last summary period. Analysing a proxy server, pwebstats produces information for both the hosts accessing the server and those accessed by the server.
Page-based Stats
  • statistics for individual pages or collections using powerful Perl pattern matching.
And More!
  • because I know you want more!

For some sample output from pwebstats, see the usage statistics for the University of Melbourne WWW Server.

Current version: 1.3.8 9 September 1999